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Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00

SilverView Software

SilverView is a free of charge management software package that makes installing and monitoring SilverNet wireless equipment even easier. The interface can monitor SilverNet devices on the network and compatible video codecs. Thus enabling you to have complete control of your infrastructure and optimise network operation. Search for devices with SilverView’s scan tool and add them to your list. Then you can begin monitoring your devices and taking advantage of SilverView’s features in seconds.
envisage silvernet silverview
Key Features:
Easy to navigate and Install (plug and play)
Discover SilverNet devices (access points and stations), even off subnet
Built in userguide
Secure, multiple password level protection
Traffic light coloured bar to see if a device is online or offline
Real-time throughput monitoring
Easy configuration, simply click and log in to your device
Quick configuration, set channel, SSID and operation mode without the need to log onto the radio unit
Set IP address, set the IP address of the device without the need to log into it
Remote helper, help is never too far away with our built in remote helper
Statistics, live statistic updates on all active radio devices
Tabbed Mapping, upload multiple maps and add your devices by a simple drag and drop action

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