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Thursday, 09 November 2023 16:09



VIVOTEK's FE9391-EHV-v2 is an outdoor fisheye network camera, featuring a detailed 12-Megapixel sensor for superb image quality. It has WDR Pro to maintain optimal image quality in high contrast lighting environments as well as H.265 compression with Smart Stream III to reduce bandwidth and storage consumption to a minimum. Equipped with IR illuminators and VIVOTEK's Smart IR II technology, the FE9391-EHV-v2 can see up to 20m radius in total darkness. The housing is IP66-rated for protection from rain and dust, as well as IK10-rated for robust protection against acts of vandalism. With added NEMA 4X protection, even more extreme offshore applications will not be an issue. The 12-Megapixel fisheye lens provides a 360 degree surround view with no blind spots, excellent for coverage of open areas such as airports, schools, parking garages, and more. The FE9391-EHV-v2 comes fully equipped with VIVOTEK's Smart VCA (Video Content Analysis). With AI based deep-learning and Smart Motion Detection, Smart VCA will enable users to quickly and accurately detect event triggers such as intrusion detection and missing object alerts. This suite of analytic functions is only available on our SUPREME line of products.

Key features include:
12-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
30 fps @ 2944x2944
360° 20M IR with Smart IR II
WDR Pro (120dB) for Improved Visibility in High Contrast Scenes
Smart Motion Detection to Reduce False Alarms
Smart VCA (Intrusion Detection, Crowd Detection, Loitering Detection)
Trend Micro IoT Security
Local Dewarp

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Thursday, 09 November 2023 15:54


MS9390-HVThe MS9390-EHV-v2 is the latest and most efficient panoramic network camera offered in surveillance. Through the use of two wide angle lenses, electronic image stitching, and highresolution sensors, the 8MP 180° MS9390-EHV-v2 is in a new class all by itself. With its unique dual-sensor design, the MS9390-EHV-v2 is able to maintain a higher vertical FOV than most traditional multi-sensor panoramic cameras using 4 sensors. This higher vertical FOV enables users to have more video coverage, thereby enabling them to capture more evidence below the point of camera installation. The MS9390-EHV-v2 goes even further with WDR Pro technology for high contrast environments, 30fps at full resolution, and 180° IR illuminators up to 20 metres, ensuring users with 24/7 comprehensive panoramic video surveillance. In addition to its panoramic image quality, the MS9390-EHV-v2 is also simple to install. It has been designed to be directly wall mounted, including 20° of internal tilt adjustment on the lenses to get the exact angle desired. With an IP66 weather proof and IK10 vandal proof housing, the MS9390-EHV-v2 can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and handle most of what mother nature has to offer. The only accessory available for MS9390-EHV-v2 is a sunshield, which is included with the camera. To top it all off, the MS9390-EHV-v2 utilizes H.265 compression and Smart Stream III technology. This combination enables users to greatly save on storage and bandwidth consumption usually associated with high resolution surveillance.

Key features include:
8-Megapixel Resolution
H.265 Compression Technology
180° Panoramic View
30 fps at full resolution
Video Alignment Allowing You to Have a Seamless Picture
Smart Stream III to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
Weather-proof IP66-rated and Vandal-proof IK10-rated Housing
IR Illuminators up to 20M
Built-in Microphone
SNV (Supreme Night Visibility)
3D Noise Reduction for Low-light Conditions
Built-in MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC card slot

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:53


VIVOTEK SD9384-EHLThe VIVOTEK SD9368-EHL is a professional IR speed dome camera (PTZ) with 2MP resolution at 60fps, excellent for video surveillance in wide coverage areas such as airports, city surveillance, and manufacturing facilities. SD9368-EHL is equipped with 250M IR illuminators and a 40x optical zoom to gain more details in any scene. The smart IR technology allows broad coverage FOV and highly uniform IR intensity while at the same time avoiding hotspots.

Video surveillance in big areas has the potential for many incidents, SD9368-EHL's built-in Smart Tracking Advanced (our latest AI technology for Smart VCA) allows user to identify the risk and track the suspected person automatically in real time.

SD9368-EHL's camera body is protected with IP66, IK10 and NEMA 4X certifications against rain, dust, and corrosion. It also supports a wide operating temperature from -40℃ to 60℃ (-40°F to 140°F) for operation in extreme weather conditions.

Key camera features:
60 fps @ 1920x1080
40x Optical Zoom, Auto Focus
360° Continuous Pan, -20° to 90° (auto flip) Tilt
250M IR with Smart IR
Weather-proof IP66-rated, Vandal-proof IK10 and NEMA 4X-rated Housing
-40°C ~ 60°C Wide Temperature Range for Extreme Weather Conditions
EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) for Image Stability
Trend Micro IoT Security
Smart Tracking Advanced for Moving People with People-based Deep Learning Technology

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:48


VIVOTEK FE9192-HVIVOTEK’s FE9192-H is an H.265 fisheye network cameras featuring a detailed 12-Megapixel CMOS sensor that produces superb image clarity. By employing H.265 compression technology and VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream III technology, the camera can reduce both bandwidth and stor-age consumption by up to 80%* while retaining the highest standard of image quality. Equipped with a fisheye lens for 180° panoramic view or 360° surround view (ceiling mount) with zero blind spots, the cameras are able to provide coverage of wide, open areas, such as airports, shopping malls, retail stores, offices and more. The camera is equipped with a removable IR-cut filter and WDR Pro technology, empowering the cameras to maintain optimal image quality around the clock and unparalleled visibility in high-contrast lighting environments.

Key features include:
12-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
30 fps at 2944x2944
WDR Pro (120dB) for Improved Visibility in High Contrast Scenes
Smart Motion Detection to Reduce False Alarms
Smart VCA (Intrusion Detection, Crowd Detection, Loitering Detection)
Trend Micro IoT Security
Local Dewarp

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:39


VIVOTEK FD9367-EHTV-v2The FD9367-EHTV-v2 is an outdoor fixed dome network camera capable of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps. With the VIVOTEK WDR Pro technology, the camera series is capable of capturing the highest quality images in both low light and high contrast environments.

The onboard IR can provide illumination in total darkness. With the Smart IR feature, the firmware automatically adjusts the IR intensity for objects that came too close, in order to avoid over-exposure.

The cameras support WDR function at the effectiveness of up to 120dB. These models support local video stroage on the MicroSD cards if network service should be interrupted. The cameras also come with configurable motion detection and tampering detection with up to 5 privacy mask areas.

Key Features:

60 fps @ 1920x1080
H.265 Compression Technology with Smart Stream III
Installation-friendly Design
Weather-proof IP66, IP67 and Vandal-proof IK10, NEMA 4X-rated Protection
SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) for Low Light Conditions
WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in Extremely Bright and Dark Environments
Built-in IR Illuminators up to 50M with Smart IR II
Signed Firmware and Secure Boot
AI-powered Smart Motion Detection and Smart VCA
Cyber Protection via Trend Micro IoT Security

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Friday, 16 April 2021 11:47

Nx Witness

Nx WitnessNx Witness is a video surveillance software that is instantly usable, simple to install and maintain, and works exactly the way you expect. It is a lightning fast, easy to use, cross-platform IP video management system (VMS) / video surveillance software designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras so you can monitor, analyze and react to critical events in real time. Nx Witness is a powerful and flexible VMS that can be used to manage a wide range of IP cameras, including Vivotek, VCA Technology, Axis, Hikvision, Dahua, UNV, and many more.
Nx Witness offers a wide range of features, including:
Live view of all cameras,
Recording of all cameras,
Motion detection,
Detailed auditing,
Search and playback of recordings,
User management,
Integration with other systems.

Nx Witness is a great choice for businesses of all sizes. It is easy to use, reliable, and scalable. It is also very affordable. Here are some of the advantages of using Nx Witness:

Easy to use:
Nx Witness is very easy to use, even for users with no experience in video surveillance. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.
Reliable: Nx Witness is a very reliable VMS. It has been used by businesses of all sizes for many years without any major problems.
Scalable: Nx Witness is very scalable. It can be used to manage a small number of cameras or a large number of cameras.
Affordable: Nx Witness is very affordable. It is one of the most affordable VMSs on the market.

If you are looking for a video surveillance software that is easy to use, reliable, scalable, and affordable, then Nx Witness is a great choice.

Not sure what hardware to use? Envisage have produced a cost-effective industrial server that has been designed specifically for use with Nx Witness. You can find further details of this product over here.
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Tuesday, 09 June 2020 17:34

BI Box

VA Insights BI BoxThe VA Insights BI (Business Intelligence) box works along side your existing VAS AI box to collect and collate data, providing crucial metrics and insights.

Key Features:
Easy to use web browser interface.
Analyses and interprets data directly from the AI Box.
Small footprint for easy and discreet placement.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation.

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Thursday, 02 April 2020 12:02



Along with offering amazing 180° HFOV coverage, CC9381-HV offers up to 20 fps at 5-Megapixel resolution (30 fps at 5MP with WDR Off). This Panoramic Network Camera also incorporates other value-added features. In order to combat high contrast lighting environments, WDR Pro is included and also has built-in 15M panoramic IR illuminators, ensuring 24/7 surveillance coverage.

Key Features:
H.265 and H.264 Compression Technology
5 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
20 fps at 2560x1920 with WDR or 30 fps at 2560x1920 with no WDR
180° Horizontal Panoramic View
180° IR Illuminators up to 15 Meters
WDR Pro (120 dB) to Provide Extreme Visibility in High Light Contrast Scenes
SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) for Low Light Conditions
Smart Stream III to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
Trend Micro IoT Security
Weather-proof IP66-rated and Vandal-proof IK10-rated Housing
±25° Tilt Lens
Built-in Microphone

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Thursday, 02 April 2020 12:02



VIVOTEK’s NV9411P is a mobile NVR designed for transportation surveillance and provides 1080p 16-CH real-time live display with recording efficiency using advanced H.265 video compression technology. The 8x 802.3at/af PoE ports provide network connections and power to the network cameras. With a rugged EN50155 and MIL-STD-810G compliant design, the mobile NVR will provide durable and robust protection for all types of vehicle movement.

The NV9411P supports built-in G-sensor and GNSS module to provide information such as G-sensor events and speed events, as well as offering multiple network interfaces such as LAN, WiFi and LTE for different Network connection requirements. By implementing VIVOTEK’s VAST 2 software, GPS tracking locations are instantly displayed on Google Maps. Live videos can also be displayed remotely, allowing for instant access for complete safety control.

When installed in vehicles, the mobile NVR supports system power delay on/off and low voltage protection for better system reliability. The NVR also features a wide range of power inputs, an aluminum die-case chassis, a built-in heater, surge protection, and protection from shock and vibration. With an easy-to-install design as well as simple operation and rich features, the NV9411P provides more possibilities for tomorrow's in-vehicle security applications.

Key Features:
H.265 1080p 16-CH Real-time Live Display
VIVOTEK's Smart Stream II to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
4K Display for Clear and Detailed Monitoring
LAN/Wi-Fi/LTE Multiple Network Connections
802.3at/af Compliant PoE port x8 with Management Efficiency
Built-in G-sensor for Vehicle Vibration Alerts
GPS Tracking on Google Maps with VAST 2 VMS
Delay Power Startup/Shutdown and Low Voltage Protection
Built-in Heater for Extreme Temperatures (-40°C ~ 55°C)
EN50155/MIL-STD-810G certified to Ensure Reliability during Vehicle Travel

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Monday, 30 March 2020 15:34


tb9330-eThe outdoor bullet TB9330-E and TB9331-E thermal camera provides a 360x240 or 720x480 resolution. The camera comes with a range of lenses with the 8.8mm (63.4°), 19mm (32°), 35mm (22°), 50mm (15.5° horizontal) horizontal fields of view. A lens with a shorter focal length can cover a wide field of view, while a lens with a longer focal length can be used for targets at a greater distance. The camera enables easy detection of human activities regardless of lighting conditions, whether in pitch dark or extremely bright environments. Compared to optical lens cameras, thermal cameras allow easier detection of people in a wide surveillance area. When an optical camera’s field of view is obscured by mist or smoke, it is often very difficult for users to discern the presence of humans. The thermal imaging of the TB series cameras allows you to detect targets by seeing through light snow, dust, smoke, fog, or haze. Coming in a weather proof housing with PoE power supply, the camera is suitable for video surveillances a perimeter protection. The capability of unobstrusive motion detection in total darkness enables the camera for very early detection of an intruder. For thermal cameras, false alarms no longer occur due to the effects of elements, such as swaying vegetation, effects of artificial interferences such as fast light changes or backlights. Humans wearing camuflage, hiding in a bush or deep shadows are all likely to be detected by thermal cameras, while the optical lens cameras cannot.

Key Features:
Uncooled VOx Infrared Detector
384x256 Resolution
NETD < 50 mk @ F1.0
H.265 Compression Technology
Trend Micro IoT Security
Two-way Audio
Supports ONVIF Standard to Simplify Integration and Enhance Interoperability
UL Certification
Weather-proof IP66/IP67, Vandal-proof IK10 and NEMA 4X-rated Housing
VIVOTEK VCA (Video Content Analysis) Support

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