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Monday, 07 March 2022 12:12


VIVOTEK ND9323PVIVOTEK’s ND9323P is a H.265 Linux-based standalone NVR that supports up to 4K IP camera video decoding and local 4K video display. With advanced H.265 compression technology, users are able to experience Full HD quality video while expending less HDD capacity than H.264.

The NVR features embedded 8x 802.3 at/af PoE ports to provide users easy and convenient IP camera installation, and also supports remote and mobile access via VIVOCloud and iViewer apps for both iOS and Android devices. The VIVOCloud app provides instant push notification and direct video playback functions when triggered by an alarm notification and provides users a flexible and intelligent NVR for seamless use in small to medium sized video surveillance applications.

Key Features:
H.265, up to 8MP Camera Supported
VIVOTEK Smart VCA Camera Supported for Event Search & Recording
RAID 0, 1 Supported to Prevent from Recording Data Loss
802.3at/af PoE with PoE Management
4K Video Output Display for Clear and Detailed Monitoring
New Web UI Available for Plug-in Free Browser (Chrome)
Trend Micro IoT Security & Cybersecurity Management
Crowd Control Solution
VIVOCloud App & VAST 2
Made in Taiwan

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:53


VIVOTEK SD9384-EHLThe VIVOTEK SD9368-EHL is a professional IR speed dome camera (PTZ) with 2MP resolution at 60fps, excellent for video surveillance in wide coverage areas such as airports, city surveillance, and manufacturing facilities. SD9368-EHL is equipped with 250M IR illuminators and a 40x optical zoom to gain more details in any scene. The smart IR technology allows broad coverage FOV and highly uniform IR intensity while at the same time avoiding hotspots.

Video surveillance in big areas has the potential for many incidents, SD9368-EHL's built-in Smart Tracking Advanced (our latest AI technology for Smart VCA) allows user to identify the risk and track the suspected person automatically in real time.

SD9368-EHL's camera body is protected with IP66, IK10 and NEMA 4X certifications against rain, dust, and corrosion. It also supports a wide operating temperature from -40℃ to 60℃ (-40°F to 140°F) for operation in extreme weather conditions.

Key Features:

60 fps @ 1920x1080
40x Optical Zoom, Auto Focus
360° Continuous Pan, -20° to 90° (auto flip) Tilt
250M IR with Smart IR
Weather-proof IP66-rated, Vandal-proof IK10 and NEMA 4X-rated Housing
-40°C ~ 60°C Wide Temperature Range for Extreme Weather Conditions
EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) for Image Stability
Trend Micro IoT Security
Smart Tracking Advanced for Moving People with People-based Deep Learning Technology

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:48


VIVOTEK FE9192-HVIVOTEK’s FE9192-H is an H.265 fisheye network cameras featuring a detailed 12-Megapixel CMOS sensor that produces superb image clarity. By employing H.265 compression technology and VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream III technology, the camera can reduce both bandwidth and stor-age consumption by up to 80%* while retaining the highest standard of image quality.

Equipped with a fisheye lens for 180° panoramic view or 360° surround view (ceiling mount)
with zero blind spots, the cameras are able to provide coverage of wide, open areas, such as airports, shopping malls, retail stores, offices and more.

The camera is equipped with a removable IR-cut filter and WDR Pro technology, empowering
the cameras to maintain optimal image quality around the clock and unparalleled visibility in high-contrast lighting environments.

Key Features:
12-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
30 fps @ 2944x2944
WDR Pro (120dB) for Improved Visibility in High Contrast Scenes
Smart Motion Detection to Reduce False Alarms
Smart VCA (Intrusion Detection, Crowd Detection, Loitering Detection)
Trend Micro IoT Security
Local Dewarp

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:39


VIVOTEK FD9367-EHTV-v2The FD9367-EHTV-v2 is an outdoor fixed dome network camera capable of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps. With the VIVOTEK WDR Pro technology, the camera series is capable of capturing the highest quality images in both low light and high contrast environments.

The onboard IR can provide illumination in total darkness. With the Smart IR feature, the firmware automatically adjusts the IR intensity for objects that came too close, in order to avoid over-exposure.

The cameras support WDR function at the effectiveness of up to 120dB. These models support local video stroage on the MicroSD cards if network service should be interrupted. The cameras also come with configurable motion detection and tampering detection with up to 5 privacy mask areas.

Key Features:

60 fps @ 1920x1080
H.265 Compression Technology with Smart Stream III
Installation-friendly Design
Weather-proof IP66, IP67 and Vandal-proof IK10, NEMA 4X-rated Protection
SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) for Low Light Conditions
WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in Extremely Bright and Dark Environments
Built-in IR Illuminators up to 50M with Smart IR II
Signed Firmware and Secure Boot
AI-powered Smart Motion Detection and Smart VCA
Cyber Protection via Trend Micro IoT Security

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Monday, 07 March 2022 11:23


VIVOTEK FD9166-HNThe FD9166-HN is a compact-size camera that comes with 2MP resolution. The FD9166 camera also offers night time surveillance by adopting Smart IR technology. The amount of IR lights can be automatically reduced with objects that are close to the lens to avoid over-

The WDR Pro feature enables the camera to capure details in both shaded and the bright areas, making the camera suitable for installation at the entrance of a building. The compact size allows the camera to be conveniently installed at restaurants, retails, or various residential areas. With an improved design, the camera is less volnuerable to the environmental effects such as smoke, dust, or insects getting into the dome cover.

With an SD card and the Seamless recording feature, the camera can record a video stream to the onboard storage during the time when network disconnection occurs. When network connection is restored, a VAST server can retrieve the video frames from the SD card, making the recording whole.

Key Features:
H.265 Compression Technology
30 fps @ 1920x1080
WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in High Contrast Environments
Smart Stream III to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
Built-in 940nm Invisible IR Illuminators up to 10 Meters
Built-in 802.3af Compliant PoE
Built-in MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card Slot for On-board Storage
Video Rotation for Corridor Scenario
Compact and Stylish Design

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Tuesday, 01 March 2022 15:15


Envisage Technology Ltd founded in 1999 based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Distributing Tomorrows Technology for today's Security.

Envisage Technology Limited has earned itself a distinguished reputation as experts in assisting with the design of CCTV security systems. Exploring beyond conventional CCTV and embracing the latest technologies allows us to stay at the very cutting edge of the business. We employ a range of highly trained IT and technical staff to support our customers in all areas, including hardware, software, IP networking, system integration, cameras and telemetry. This unique combination of experience and skills enables us to provide a smooth working solution from the simple plug and play video viewing only - to the most complex integrated physical security requirements.

Current core product ranges include IP cameras, IP audio, network switch options, and VMS solutions. We also are able to specify, design and supply servers and client work stations, as well as NVR recorders.

We carry stocks of products from PoE transmission manufacturers to wireless network solutions and radar detection specialist components.

When we move into the AI requirements for a solution we can also advise and supply the best ‘bolt on’ for your solution here as well – ranging from simple demographic analysis, and ANPR, to complex facial recognition, event triggering and more.

Key brands of supported products available from Envisage Technology include Vivotek, Network Optix, NVT Phybridge, SilverNet, 360 Vision Technology, Neural Labs, and many more.

Our customers depend on the fact that we know our products inside out, and we have developed a close working relationship with a large number of CCTV installers and consultants alike. We are able to supply and support a range of systems from basic IP stand alone to the most intricate national multi-site enterprise systems.

All of these high quality products are backed up with outstanding support to make sure you get the very best out of your equipment. Our customers are typically security systems and networking installation companies from the UK & Ireland.

If you require further information or pricing please contact one of the team who will be happy to assist you. You can find our details on our contact page or alternatively you may contact us via our online message form.

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Tuesday, 15 February 2022 12:49

3U Server

Envisage 3U ServerEnvisage's 3U Server has been designed specifically for enterprise level surveillance applications from Network Optix and VIVOTEK. However, our 3U Server will work with other surveillance-based applications. Our 3U Server can offer you up to 288TB of enterprise storage as well as a host of other features as standard. These features include, Rackmount Rails, Redundant Power Supply, RAID Redundancy, Dual Networks Ports and a 3 Year RTB Warranty. This product is suitable for use with Nx Witness and VAST 2 applications. We have tested our server with Nx Witness using 128 H.265 IP Cameras* a resolution of 5 Megapixel and a recording rate of 25 images per second. (*emulated cameras)

3U Rackmount Case
Mounting Rails
16GB Memory
250GB Solid State Drive
Intel Core I5 Processor
Intel Dual Gigabit Network Ports
Intel Onboard Graphics (Supports up to 3 Displays)
16 Removable Hard Disk Bays (Supports up to 288TB)
RAID Storage (Supports 0,1,10,5,50,6,60)
RAID Battery
Storage Status Monitoring
Windows Operating System (Linux Optional)
800W Redundant Power Supply
UK Power Cables
3 Year Return to Base Warranty
4TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB, 16TB, 18TB Enterprise Storage Disks (Available Optionally)
Dimensions 483mm x 560mm x 132mm (W x D x H)
Weight 26.2kg (Without Storage)

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Tuesday, 15 February 2022 12:48


Envisage WorkstationEnvisage's Workstation has been designed with displaying video from enterprise surveillance applications in mind. Our Workstation offers a super-fast end user experience as well as a host of other features as standard. These features include, Gigabit Network, Nvidia Graphics Card, 4 Display Support, Solid State Drive and a 3 Year RTB Warranty. This product is suitable for use with Nx Witness and VAST 2 client applications. We have tested our Workstation with Nx Witness displaying 128 H.265 IP Cameras.

Key Features:
Mid Tower Desktop Case
16GB Memory
240GB Solid State Drive
Intel Core I9 Processor (Intel Core I7 Optional)
Gigabit Network Port
Nvidia Dedicated Graphics (Supports 4 Displays)
2 Internal Hard Disk Bays
Windows Operating System
600W Power Supply
Mouse Mat
UK Power Cable
3 Year Return to Base Warranty
Enterprise Storage Disks (Available Optionally)
Dimensions 450mm x 232mm x 463mm (W x D x H)
Weight 6.95kg

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Monday, 15 June 2020 15:20



VIVOTEK’s IB9365-LPR camera is a standalone LPR (ANPR) camera system, featuring a built-in number plate recognition system as well as white-list and black-list for number plate verification. It can read the markings of multiple countries or states simultaneously (e.g., Singapore and Malaysia; Texas, Oklahoma and neighboring states). It also offers various APIs for integration with 3rd party systems such as parking management, toll collection, and weighbridge systems. The camera is ideal for use in parking access control and Stop & Go toll systems. Additionally, the IB9365-LPR employs VIVOTEK’s SNV II and Smart IR II technology, is capable of capturing the highest quality images in both low light and high contrast environments, and offers the best in nighttime surveillance technology. The IR illuminators now align with the focus angle of the remote focus lens to provide the best IR image quality for any lens setting. This feature optimizes IR intensity, reduces IR hotspots, and increases the IR effective range.

Key Features:
Embedded Access Control Application Based on LPR (ANPR) Software
Supports License Plates from over 70+ Countries
Black and White Lists for License Plate Verification
Centralised List Management in Single Camera
Fully Integrated with VAST 2
Various Open APIs Available for 3rd Party Integration
Suitable for Outdoor Scenarios with SNV II and WDR Pro II Technology
Trend Micro IoT Security
Supports Wiegand Protocol for Access Control Applications
Supports Hazard ID Recognition
Weather-proof IP66, Vandal-proof IK10 and NEMA 4X-rated Housing

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Monday, 15 June 2020 15:20



VIVOTEK’s IT9389-HT is a H.265 outdoor turret network camera equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor, enabling resolution of 2560x1920 at 30 fps. Featuring VIVOTEK SNV and WDR Pro technology, the IT9389-HT is capable of capturing high-quality imagery in both high contrast and low light environments.The IT9389-HT offers a remote focus lens for different user scenarios. IR illuminators are equipped with 30-metre effective range for better night visibility. To provide reliable coverage in harsh outdoor environments, the IT9389-HT is encased in IP66 and IK08 housing. By employing VIVOTEK's Smart Stream III technology and H.265 compression, the IT9389-HT is able to reduce bandwidth up to 90% while maintaining supreme image quality. Additionally, VIVOTEK VADP (VIVOTEK Application Development Platform) allows users to customise applications for the ever-expanding number of user scenarios in the diversified surveillance market.

Key Features:
H.265 and H.264 Compression Technology
30 fps at 2560x1920 with WDR Pro
3.7 to 7.7 mm Remote Focus
Smart Stream III to Optimize Bandwidth Efficiency
WDR Pro for Unparalleled Visibility in Extremely Bright and Dark Environments
SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) for Low Light Conditions
Built-in IR illuminators (effective up to 30 metres)
Smart Motion Detection to Reduce False Alarms
Trend Micro IoT Security
Weather-proof IP66-rated and Vandal-proof IK08-rated Housing
Built-in Microphone
Black or White Housings
Optional Smart VCA

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