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Monday, 15 June 2020 15:20



VIVOTEK’s IB9365-LPR camera is a standalone LPR (ANPR) camera system, featuring a built-in number plate recognition system as well as white-list and black-list for number plate verification. It can read the markings of multiple countries or states simultaneously (e.g., Singapore and Malaysia; Texas, Oklahoma and neighboring states). It also offers various APIs for integration with 3rd party systems such as parking management, toll collection, and weighbridge systems. The camera is ideal for use in parking access control and Stop & Go toll systems. Additionally, the IB9365-LPR employs VIVOTEK’s SNV II and Smart IR II technology, is capable of capturing the highest quality images in both low light and high contrast environments, and offers the best in nighttime surveillance technology. The IR illuminators now align with the focus angle of the remote focus lens to provide the best IR image quality for any lens setting. This feature optimizes IR intensity, reduces IR hotspots, and increases the IR effective range.

Key Features:
Embedded Access Control Application Based on LPR (ANPR) Software
Supports License Plates from over 70+ Countries
Black and White Lists for License Plate Verification
Centralised List Management in Single Camera
Fully Integrated with VAST 2
Various Open APIs Available for 3rd Party Integration
Suitable for Outdoor Scenarios with SNV II and WDR Pro II Technology
Trend Micro IoT Security
Supports Wiegand Protocol for Access Control Applications
Supports Hazard ID Recognition
Weather-proof IP66, Vandal-proof IK10 and NEMA 4X-rated Housing

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