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VCAabpThe VCAabp series is a hardware platform that comes loaded with VCAserver and Nx Witness, providing industry-leading deep learning video analytics for event notification. It can also support VCAforensics for advanced post-event appearance searches. The Al Bridge supports all the VCA Ai analytics to provide accurate detection of people, types of vehicles and objects as well as specific events such as slip and fall, hand held objects, shelf clearance and left bags. VCAserver has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and integrate. With video streaming, event alerting and an HTML5 configuration interface out-of-the-box, simple integrations can be completed in less than a week.

Key features include:
Hardware solution to allow quick deployment of video analytics.
Open and standard interfaces for rapid integration.
Optional VCA forensic search service.
Stream video directly from any IP camera or VMS via RTSP.
State-of-the-art Machine Learning and Al algorithms for tracking people, vehicle types and bags.
Full analytics metadata stream provided to facilitate forensic search or other value-add applications.
Customisable out-of-the-box HTML5 user interface for analytics configuration; Configure rules and review events using your web browser on any device (via Chrome on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android).
Network Optix Nx Witness built in with 1TB or 2TB of unformatted storage.
Up to 8 channels analytics and video recording.
3 year RTB warranty.

Detection rules include:
Intrusion detection, Tamper detection, Enter & exit, Appear & disappear filters, Stopping filter, Dwell filter, Direction filter, Counting, Abandoned object filter, Removed object filter, Zones & lines, Speed filter, 3D calibration, Tailgating filter, Logical rules.