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S360 Box

secury360 S360 BoxThe Secury360 S360 Box is a revolutionary security solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform any camera surveillance system into a proactive perimeter detection solution. It is a compact and easy-to-install device that can be connected to any existing camera system, regardless of brand or model. The S360 Box features Secury360's Edge AI technology, which gradually learns the terrain through deep learning. It analyzes the video images on site, and does an initial filtering of potential alerts. This helps to reduce false alarms and ensure that only real threats are flagged for review. Once a potential threat has been identified, the S360 Box sends a short clip (typically 10 seconds) to the Secury360 Cloud AI for further analysis. The Cloud AI uses its superior processing power and access to a massive database of known threats to make a final assessment. If the threat is confirmed, the Cloud AI will send an alert to the appropriate personnel or authorities.

The Secury360 S360 Box is a highly versatile security solution that can be used in a wide range of applications, including:
Perimeter security for commercial and industrial properties,
Critical infrastructure protection,
Event security,
Smart city applications.

The S360 Box is also ideal for businesses that are looking to improve their security posture without having to invest in a new camera system. It can be used to upgrade existing camera systems and add new features, such as perimeter detection and artificial intelligence-powered analytics.

Key features of the Secury360 S360 Box:
Edge AI technology for on-site video analysis and filtering,
Cloud AI for superior threat detection and accuracy,
Wide range of compatibility with existing camera systems,
Easy to install and use,
Versatile and scalable for a wide range of applications,
Nx Witness Embedded with internal hard disk storage (optional).

Benefits of using the Secury360 S360 Box:
Proactive perimeter detection to reduce the risk of security breaches,
Reduced false alarms for improved efficiency and cost savings,
Artificial intelligence-powered analytics for deeper insights and actionable intelligence,
Easy integration with existing security systems,
Scalable solution to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.