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Located in St Albans, 19 miles north of London, Ogier Electronics is a successful engineering based company offering professional solutions at the forefront of microwave and integrated system design. Established in 1993, the company was formed to develop transmission and system solutions for military, police, commercial and local authority applications. With a long history in systems design within the defence industry, their engineering background allows them to deliver a wealth of proven design and engineering expertise to their customers. They continue to pioneer new technologies to provide innovative and robust solutions across a wide range of video and data communications applications. They supply equipment ranging from single communications links to complete national security systems directly to end-users and to multinational customers who incorporate their products into systems. They are in use in over 40 countries worldwide. All their products are designed in-house by themselves, then assembled and tested by their manufacturing partners in the European Union. Their products comply with current European quality and safety standards including the regulations specifically related to microwave transmission equipment.

The Scan-360 is a low cost IP radar for perimeter security with an operational range to detect humans and vehicles over a total range of 400 metres (200m in all directions). On detection the radar automatically operates a PTZ camera…