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Monday, 09 August 2021 10:39

NL Ghost

nl ghostThe NL GHOST smart camera is offered in two versions: standard or overview. Both allow license plate recognition, and the overview (OV) model, also allows to integrate a second camera to record video evidence. The NL GHOST uses a high-resolution ultrasensitive CMOS sensor and an internal 4-core processor to offer superior performance in traffic analytics applications up to two lanes. In a single unit, the camera is integrated, stroboscopic LED lighting and electronic lighting control and Neural Labs traffic analytics such as license plate reading, speed calculation, color detection and vehicle brand.

Key Features:
Superior sensor: 1/1.8” CMOS Global Shutter 3.2 MPIX (2048x1536).
Max frame rate: 55.6
Strobe lighting and electronic lighting control.
Multiple reading of number plates from a single perspective.
48 Volts DC power supply.
Standard 60GB Slot SD storage, expandable up to 2 TB.
Fixed lens for viewing at a distance from 15 to 35 meters.
Option to capture the license plate image as well as the surrounding scene with the same unit.
23 LEDs to illuminate up to two lanes (30 meter) at 840nm.
Standard IP 66 assemble.
Extended temperature range CPU.
ONVIF colour surroundings camera included.
SDK for third party systems integration.
Traffic incidents results sent via XML, JSON, SFTP.
Time synchronism by NTP/SNTP or GPS.

Published in Neural Labs
Thursday, 05 August 2021 15:25

Neural Server

NEURAL SERVER, Allows video analytics for vehicle detection such as LPR/ANPR, Class, Brand, Color, Speed and more. NEURAL SERVER uses Neuronal technology and Deep Learning to perform Traffic Analytics in a fast and efficient way, whatever the target scenario: police cars, fixed cameras, etc. It can recognise license plates continuously, from vehicles in movement (Free-Flow) or stopped (Stop & Go). It detects Make, Colour, speed, traffic direction and lane, and classifies vehicles. It also detects cargo container codes ISO6346 and Hazard Diamond plates. It allows to use cameras from different brands and protocols in the same system.

neural serverInfringements Management Module:
Section Control. (Average Speed detection between 2 Points).
Pedestrian Zone Management.
Wrong Direction Detection.
Red Light Enforcement.
Vehicle Counting.
Wrong Turn detection.
Illegal Stop.

Key Features:
More than 70 countries supported.
Open Architecture.
Neural Labs Proprietary technology.
Camera and VMS Agnostic.
ADR plates (dangerous goods).
Grammar control.
Repeated plates filter.
Image preprocessing for shadow filter.
Perspective correction.
Real time recognition modes, by external trigger and motion detection.
Processing time 20 to 150 ms Recognition rate 99%* (depending on the acquisition quality and country of the plate).
Maximum number of cameras Unlimited, depending on the PC or Server Vehicle maximum speed 250km/h (using the adequate camera and lighting).

Published in Neural Labs
Monday, 30 March 2020 15:13

IB9387-LPR-V2 (N)


VIVOTEK's IB9387-LPR-V2 camera is a standalone LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera system equipped with built-in license plate recognition software and featuring license plate validation capabilities for advanced white-list and black-list applications. It can simultaneously read multiple countries or states, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Texas, Oklahoma, and neighboring states. It also has built-in infrared illuminators for night-time operations, ensuring excellent recognition performance even in low-light conditions.

This camera supports the conversion of license plates into Wiegand signals for use with access control systems and offers various APIs for integration with third-party systems like parking management, toll collection, and weighbridge systems. The Camera provides not only license plate reading with white and black-list system for vehicle verification but also vehicle type and color recognition, enabling parking systems to identify vehicle attributes quickly. This system is highly suitable for parking lot access control, pay-per-use systems, or any LPR applications where vehicles come to a stop or near stop.

Key camera features:
Embedded access control application based on LPR with Vehicle Type, Color, and Direction Recognition
Supports License Plates from over 100+ Countries
Black and White Lists for License Plate Verification
Fully Integrated with VAST2 & VSS VMS
Various Open APIs Available for 3rd Party Integration
Trend Micro IoT Security
Supports Wiegand Protocol for Access Control Applications
Weather-proof IP66, IP67 and Vandal-proof IK10-rated Housing

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